What the judges have to say – #flyingtheflagforwillenhall

The judging panel will comprise of, Poundland, Willenhall History Society, Walsall Local History Centre, one of the oldest businesses in Willenhall – W H Tildesley, Willenhall Football Town Club and local councillors

Kalie, of Willenhall Ay We.co.uk said “A Willenhall flag will be a great opportunity to give our proud corner of the Black Country something to rally around. With such a wealth heritage, including our famous lock industry and even WTFC, I can’t wait to see the designs the public think up!”
“We are looking forward to Willenhall folk working together, to literally Fly the Flag for our hometown.
Once again Poundland, Willenhall based have supported us with this project, along with 442 Bar & Lounge, who will provide the venue and catering for our judging panel. We will hopefully also have a kind donation from The Blakemore Foundation.”

Poundland’s Pavan Riyat-Ward, who will sit on the judging panel, said: “We at Poundland are proud of our local heritage and Willenhall roots and are honoured to support such a fantastic community project. It’s a great opportunity for the community to express its individuality – we’re looking forward to seeing the competition entries!”

Phil Hobley, Sales & Marketing Manager of W H Tildesley said, “I thought this would be a fun project to be involved in and wanted to support the local history site Willenhall Ay We. W H Tildesley has been forging parts in Willenhall for over a century now and intends to continue for a long time yet. I’m looking forward to seeing what sort of designs people can come up with.”

Douglas Hansen-Luke, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, Walsall North said “It is time for Willenhall to look to the future. The town has a great history as the global centre of the lock-making industry. Now as employment and economy grow, Willenhall must look to re-train, re-skill and welcome future opportunity. Who knows what success and industry the town will become famous for? For now, however, let’s celebrate what we have and raise a flag with pride for our community and people.”

Simon Hall of Willenhall Town FC are proud to be involved in the judging of this exciting project. Willenhall has a long history and the time is right for it to assert it’s identity and be proud of it’s heritage and future. Our Club has endured, adapted and changed along side the town over the decades and a town flag is a great was to emphasize our town’s identity. We are delighted once again to be working with WillenhallAyWe.co.uk

Philip Tibbetts, Communities Vexillologist for the Flag Institute, said “As a local Blackcountryman myself it is fantastic to see and support the enthusiastic adoption of flags to promote local identity in our area. I look forward to seeing the Willenhall and Black Country flags flying proudly side-by-side!”