The Launch of Willenhall Flag – Willenhall Carnival 14th June 2014

The Launch of Willenhall Flag

Willenhall Carnival

14th June 2014


Finally after months of preparation, and over 70 designs and shortlisted to 6 designs, the big day is finally here – Flying the Flag for Willenhall.

The Willenhall Flag will be unveiled at this year Willenhall Carnival at Willenhall Memorial Park on the 14th June.

We wish to thank everyone who took time out to make this happen, from the schools that entered to the entries from overseas.  Huge thanks to our Flag Sponsors, Poundland and of course the judges – who had the hard task of making that shortlist and lastly the public who came out and made their vote count. Special thanks to The Royal George Pub who has donated a prize of £100 to the winning design!

Willenhall will not be disappointed and should be very proud to have its very own flag, its very own mark and identity that will be used to literally fly the flag for out hometown.

The honours will be done by local born and bred Glyn Marston.

Kalie Plant, of said, we had no hesitation of putting Glyn forward for this occasion as the whole project as been about promoting Willenhall and putting Willenhall back on the map & what better way than by a local man Glyn. Many of you will know the hard work that Glyn has put into fundraising for many years by running over 100 marathons, ran races all over the world and this year marks his 21st anniversary since he started running.

Willenhall Flags will be available immediately after the launch and we look forward to seeing those Flags flying high.

We already have orders from our members and local pubs are putting in their requests too.


We are looking forward to Willenhall folk working together, to literally fly the Flag for our hometown.

Comment from Glyn Marston

I am really overwhelmed by the request to launch the flag for Willenhall. Being Willenhall born and bred I am so proud of our little town and it’s heritage. To see Willenhall get its own official flag is great for our community and I am so proud to be launching the flag for Willenhall. A lot of hard work has gone into making the flag a reality which in itself shows just how proud Willenhall folk are of their town and the flag will signify that we love Willenhall. It will definitely be one of my most proud moments when I launch the Willenhall flag. Glyn Marston


Comments from the judges after the shortlist

A few words from some of the judges –

Philip Tibbetts, Communities Vexillologist, Flag Institute
Advisor, Parliamentary Flags & Heraldry Committee said “On behalf of the Flag Institute I have to commend the Willenhall flag competition for the passionate and dedicated way in which it has been run. Including the anonymous way in which we and the other judges selected the finalists. The proof of the quality of this competition has been proved through the finalists themselves which would all make bold and attractive flags. Indeed in working up the finalists to registration standard artwork we have had to make very little in the way of edits, only a matter of simplification in a couple of cases”.

Pavan Riyat-Ward, Marketing Controller representing Poundland said. “It was a challenge to get down to a short-list of six designs given the number and quality of entries that we were asked to choose from – a great effort from the people of Willenhall. “

Ruth Vyse said ‘She was very pleased that Walsall Local History Centre had been asked to supply a judge for the Willenhall flag competition.  She thought that the number and quality of the entries was excellent.  They reflected the importance of lock making in Willenhall’s history and represented that very imaginatively.’

Simon Hall, Chair at Willenhall Town FC said “we are delighted to be involved in such an innovative project and have been really impressed by the standard of entries into the competition. We’re looking forward to seeing the winning flag flying around the town and at our ground”

Ralph Jackson representing Willenhall History Society said. “We were pleased to be asked to be a selection judge.
Look forward to seeing the winner.