Flying at last! Willenhall raises its own flag by Express and Star

Ex-serviceman Arthur Utley, who took part in the Normandy landings, was given the honour of running the standard up the flagpole above Willenhall library which will be its permanent base.

Visitors from Willenhall’s twin town of Drancy in France were among special guests at the launch.

The red and blue flag, featuring padlocks and keys reflecting the town’s leading part in the lock manufacturing industry, was chosen from 68 entries in a competition organised by community website

A panel of judges picked the best six and left it to the public to choose their favourite. The flag, designed by Adam Leonard, has since been officially registered with the Flag Institute.

A plaque on the front of the building recording the achievement was unveiled by Councillor Peter Smith, Mayor of Walsall. A flag was also presented to the French visitors.

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Home for Willenhall Flag Launch

Many thanks to everybody who turned up to see Mr Arthur Utley raise Willenhalls Flag outside its home, Willenhall Library on sat 8th November

The weather was awful but a good turnout for our guests The Mayor,Councillor Peter Smith who unveiled a plaque as a permanent reminder of the day the Willenhall Flag was launched which was donated by Brett Quinton Funeral Services Willenhall

Also our guests from our twinned town Drancy who was presented with a  flag from the Mayor to take back to Drancy.  Special thanks to the Willenhall/Drancy exchange for arranging our French guests to be present.

A few photos from the day courtesy of Darron Palmer Photography

Many thanks to The County Pub for laying on a buffet for us.

Official Flag launch & unveiling of plaque outside Willenhall Library with A Flag Presentation to our visitors from Drancy FRANCE, our twinned town. Sat 8th November 2014

We will be officially flying the flag high outside Willenhall Library which is home to the towns permanent flag pole after having been granted permission from Walsall Council along with our plaque which has been donated by Brett Quinton Funerals and made by Lasting Memorials based in Willenhall, both which will be a permanent reminder of Flying the Flag for Willenhall and putting Willenhall back on the map!

This has been tied in with our overseas visitors from Drancy, FRANCE (via The Willenhall/ Drancy Twinning Association) who will officially receive our town flag on behalf of Drancy.

We are honoured to have amongst the guests, Mr Arthur Utley who is an ex-serviceman who took part in Normandy Landings who has represented Willenhall in Drancy for the 8th May Commemorations, who will raise the flag for Willenhall which will also be a mark of our remembrance for WW1 Commemorations.
Councillor Peter Smith, Mayor of Walsall on behalf of will unveil the plaque outside the library before presenting our town flag to our visitors.

The presentation will take place above the library where the Willenhall Council Chambers still exist today with our guests and those of The Willenhall/Drancy Twinning Association along with the French Delegation which consist of Mr LASTAPIS Michel (A deputy mayor with responsibility for housing and health, Mme BOUTHORS Jacqueline (A councillor with special interest in the Food Market
Mr BOUTHORS Stéphane (Chairman of the Drancy Twinning Committee)
Mme SERVAIS Michèle ( Treasurer of the Drancy Twinning Committee)

We will have Glyn Marston; flag design winner Adam Leonard and other key guests who have supported us all the way right upto where we find ourselves today! Our very own permanent flagpole to fly the flag for Willenhall.

For our guests a buffet will be provided, which has been kindly provided by The County Pub, fantastic support from local business ‘ as always including AFB Community who has supported us with all our events and on this occasion helping with providing a photographer to mark this auspicious occasion.

We look forward to seeing you all outside Willenhall Library on Saturday Nov 8th at 11.30am.

The Willenhall/Drancy Twinning Association

Willenhall first became twinned with Drancy in 1959 when Willenhall had
its own council. When it became part of Walsall (as Walsall already had
a twinning with Mulhouse) some of the committee members decided to
continue the twinning and received a small grant from Walsall Council
which ceased several years ago. The Mayor of Drancy, Maurice Niles,
understood the problem and was happy to continue the twinning even
though Willenhall no longer had its own separate council.
Since 1959 many different types of exchanges have taken place including
children’s exchanges, various sports exchanges, art exchanges, music
exchanges, trades unions, ex servicemen and women and old people.
During the current year there has been an art exchange, a running club
exchange and an ex serviceman’s exchange. A delegation from the Drancy
Twinning Committee is present in Willenhall from 7th – 10th November
this year in order to receive the new Willenhall flag on behalf of
Drancy, to take part in the walk to Lane Head Cenotaph on Remembrance
Sunday and to attend a Protocol Meeting with the Willenhall Twinning
Committee in order to plan future exchange visits.
James Mills (Chairman)
Sandra Buckley (Vice Chairman)
Brian Bucklely ( Treasurer)
Norma Mills (Secretary)

Willenhall Drancy Exchange Association

Willenhall Drancy Exchange Association

Flag design winner, Adam Leonard and Glyn Marston to attend Willenhall Flag Exhibition

Adam Leonard with Glyn Marston

Adam Leonard, winning flag designer and Glyn Marston will be attending the opening of the exhibiton this Saturday at Willenhall Library where we will be displaying all the flag entries from school children – schools included Barcroft Primary, Pool Hayes Arts & Community plus Jane Lane School.

The event will open at 12.30 and light refreshments availbable, kindly donated by AF Blakemore.

Please come along with your children to view the designs, meet Willenhall flag designer winner Adam or just to have a chat.

All welcome!

Full event details

Flag Launch Photos courtesy of Walsall College Students

We would like to thank Walsall College for supplying  two of their students, Munhil Imran & Charlie Brant for supplying us with photos and video footage from our event, The Launch of Willenhall Flag at Willenhall Carnival.

A small selection of photos –

Morrisons, the 1st supermarket to fly its regional town flag – WILLENHALL

Its fantastic to see Willenhall folk and local business’ joining in with the expression of pride in Willenhall and flying those flags. Morrisons being the first of the supermarkets to do so! Its a great way to signfy the community it serves.

Morrisons Store Manager, Steve Murphy said “Its a real honour to fly these flags on behalf of the local community. Visitors to the store continue to comment on how great they look and we’re very proud to have them on site.

Store Manager, Steve Murphy with help from Willenhalls Blue Watch

Store Manager, Steve Murphy with help from Willenhalls Blue Watch

Blue Watch from Willenhall assisted Morrisons with flying two flags at their store!

Morrisons Flying the Flag for Willenhall

Morrisons Flying the Flag for Willenhall

Winning flag is unveiled for Willenhall by Walsall Advertiser

A NEW flag has been unveiled for Willenhall following a long-running competition.

Pubs, homes and businesses around the town are set to fly the striking design by Adam Leonard, who was announced as the competition winner at Willenhall Carnival.

“I feel very proud to have my design as Willenhall’s new flag,” said an ecstatic Adam, from Ashmore Park.

“Putting Willenhall back on the map with a flag to represent it is a huge achievement and I hope it will bring the community together.”

More than 70 designs entered the competition, which was organised by voluntary group Willenhall Ay

These were then shortlisted to six, which then went to a public vote.

The winning flag was unveiled by local fund-raiser Glyn Marston.

He said: “The flag is a symbol of the community of Willenhall coming together and making things happen for the town.

“Willenhall folk are great folk and we deserve a flag to showcase our pride.”

Adam, who works at Middleton Foods, also received £100 prize money, kindly donated by The Royal George Pub in Willenhall.

“I truly hope that this is the starting point of putting Willenhall back on the map,” said Kalie Plant, of Willenhall Ay

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Many thanks to Walsall Advertiser for their support and promotion of our project.

Willenhall Flag Unveiled………… Finally!

The Launch of Willenhall Flag
Willenhall Carnival
14th June 2014

Willenhall now has its own flag, its own identity, and a town that will literally fly the flag!!

"... Willenhall, may you forever fly my flag"

“… Willenhall, may you forever fly my flag”

The winning design came from Adam Leonard, who said, “Hi, my name is Adam and I am from Ashmore Park. I currently work at Middleton Foods as Quality Control. I feel very proud to have my design as Willenhall’s new flag. Putting Willenhall back on the map with a flag to represent is a huge achievement; and I hope it’ll bring the community together.”

Adam was one of over 70 designs and shortlisted to 6 designs by a panel of judges which then went to the public vote.
The Flag was unveiled at this year Willenhall Carnival & launched by Glyn Marston and had this to say,
“I am so overwhelmed with pride to have been asked to launch the flag for Willenhall. The flag is a symbol of the community of Willenhall coming together and making things happen for the town. Today was a momentous occasion for Willenhall and I am really honoured to be part of the event. Willenhall folk are great folk and we deserve a flag to showcase our pride.”

Adam also received £100 prize money, kindly donated by The Royal George Pub Willenhall.

Kalie Plant of Willenhall, organisers of the competition said “I truly hope that this is the starting point of putting Willenhall back on the map! Willenhall is a great town and all it needs is some TLC and support from local folk. It’s been a tough few months but Willenhall will be flying that flag high!

I would like to thank everyone who took time out to make this happen, from the schools that entered to the entries from overseas. Huge thanks to our Flag Sponsors, Poundland and of course the judges – who had the hard task of making that shortlist and lastly the public who came out and made their vote count. Special thanks to The Royal George Pub who has donated a prize of £100 to the winning design and everybody else who has been involved in the project and especially all the Willenhall Folk. Thank you to Willenhall Carnival for allowing the launch to take place – right in the heart of our annual community event. Well Done everyone”

Philip Tibbetts, Communities Vexillologist, Flag Institute Advisor, Parliamentary Flags & Heraldry Committee said,
“The Willenhall flag competition brought to the fore the best of the towns pride and creativity for the whole country to see. This made the competition particularly strong and guaranteed that the town would have a particularly attractive flag, which has been proved with the unveiling of this design – which I can confirm has been added to the UK Flag Registry. As a Black Countryman myself I know that ours has always been a proud area, further defined by the sense of identity that each community has had in itself. As such it is will be only fitting for the Willenhall and Black Country flags to fly together in future, side by side.”

Willenhall Flags will be available and we look forward to seeing them ‘Fly for Willenhall’