Our Place programme.

Locality, in partnership with the Local Government Association and delivery associates such as the Community Development Foundation are running the Our Place programme.

What is Our Place?

Our Place aims to give people more power over local services and budgets in their neighbourhoods, aligning these with all the other resources that the community can bring.

Communities and public service organisations will be supported to develop an operational plan and take control in their area to make sure that things work in the best way for local people.

Using the Our Place approach, you can influence how local services are designed, planned and delivered, this could mean

. setting up after-school activities for children
. improving quality home care such as linking elderly people to volunteer helpers
. creating jobs locally for example working with businesses to offer more local apprenticeships

Support and grants

The Our Place programme will help areas working to transform local public services in three ways:

direct support – you will be put in touch with a Relationship Manager, consultancy/coaching support tailored to meet the needs of your neighbourhood
grant payments
Getting Ready grants of £3,000 in Year 1 with some direct support
Getting Going grants of £10,000 in Year 2 with further direct support
Going Further grants of between £5,000 and £7,500 for those who are prepared to push the boundaries and up to £20,000 for projects preparing to break new ground
shared learning opportunities including peer groups, coaching, training and learning events, and networking opportunities
The purpose of the programme is to support neighbourhood areas to work collaboratively to address a shared priority or local service area – for example healthcare, or employment