Local fundraiser will launch Willenhall Flag

Willenhall will not be disappointed and should be very proud to have it’s very own flag, its very own mark and identity that will be used to literally fly the flag for our hometown!

The honors will be done by local born & bred Willenhall man, Mr Glyn Marston.

We had no hesitation of putting Glyn forward for this occasion as the whole project has been about promoting Willenhall and putting Willenhall back on the map and what better way than by local man Glyn.  Many of you will know the hard work that Glyn has put into fundraising over the years, running over 100 marathons.



Glyn Marston said, “ I am really overwhelmed by the request to launch the flag for Willenhall. Being Willenhall born and bred I am so proud of our little town and its heritage. To see Willenhall get its own official flag is great for our community and I am so proud to be launching the flag.  A lot of hard has gone into making the flag a reality which in itself shows just how proud Willenhall folk are of their town and the flag will signify that we love Willenhall.  It will definitely be one of my most proudest moments when I launch the Flag of Willenhall.”

We hope you all join us in launching the flag which will take place at this years Willenhall Carnival at Willenhall Memorial Park on 14th June!