Council Tax Freeze in Deal for Walsall People – Full Report

Walsall Council has approved a council tax freeze for thousands of Walsall residents as part of a budget that calls on local people to play a more active role themselves to help prevent cuts in council services.
The Full Council tonight (Thursday 27 February 2014) approved the budget which comes into force on April 1 and was shaped by more than 1,300 who took part in a major consultation exercise.
In approving the package the authority offered a deal which calls on Walsall people to step forward and play a part to ease the pressure on public spending and help make Walsall a better place.
Walsall Council has less money and fewer people and will be able to do less but is determined to make the best of what they have, the meeting heard.
As part of the deal for Walsall people the council’s budget for next year contains:
• Zero council tax rise.
• Zero libraries to close.
• Zero leisure centres to close.
• Zero children’s centres to close.
• Zero museums to close.
• 35,000 low income households to carry on getting help funded by Walsall Council through the council tax reduction scheme which has seen £3 million of council tax discounts awarded in the current financial year.
Walsall Council has gone a step further and called on people to answer six calls to action so they can do their bit to help prevent future cuts in services:
• A call for more volunteers to help dozens of Walsall charities and help to deliver some council services such as libraries.
• A call for more people to consider foster care to provide a stable start in life to a child and reduce the £20m care bill.
• A call to recycle more to help save the £94 it costs to take a tonne of waste to a landfill site.
• A call to be a good neighbour to vulnerable people in the community.
• A call to people to take greater responsibility for their own heath.
• A call to stop littering to reduce the £2.1m spent on street cleansing and collecting waste dropped on the street.

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