Bridging the Gap

Bridging the Gap

A Churches Together in Willenhall Initiative

79a Stafford Street
WV13 1RT

Tel 01902 606615
Webiste full on info

Services include, Money Advice, Pyramid, Bereavement Support, Families Anonymous, Bible Study

The Children perform at St Giles’ Parish Church – Christmas Celebration by Candlelight

A selection of photos and clips of St Giles’ CE Singing Club & St Giles Sunday’s Kool Group at this years Christmas Celebration at St Giles’ Parish Chruch presented by The Rotary Club  of Willenhall

St Giles Primary School Singing Club

St Giles Sunday’s Kool – Performing ‘Tomorrow’

St Giles Sunday’s Kool – Performing ‘Its a Hard-Knock Life’

Some more lovely photos – Courtesy of George Devereux

Photos supplied courtesy of George Devereux and below informs where they have been taken and further info.
“Some more old photos of the Salvation Army in action around Willenhall. The first one was taken in Moat street outside the old hall, the little girls in their best dresses are I think the Lacey sisters, the two ladies are my mom Mrs Lillian Devereux and Mrs May Marham.  The band were photographed from an upstairs window whilst on the march at an unidentifiable location, possibly Thorne road?  The next picture shows the band on parade in Gypsy Lane with the old Josiah Parkes factory in the background. Another photo from a Sunday school outing.  St Giles Rd is the location of the next photo, this district around Tyler road was often frequented by the S A band and was affectionately known as “Poverty Nob!”     Finally a picture of the band in their prime in the early 1950’s, This was a band full of talented musicians, the bandmaster seated on the front row is William Webster, he was a well known conductor and teacher.  On the back row, third from the left I think is Gordon Turner, who later became a Major in the British Army, serving as a musician at the school of music Kneller Hall.”