Willenhall Town Commemorates WW1 Photos & Clips

Photos from the town event – 20th September

Willenhall Traders and Community Support Group ‘s Willenhall Town commemorates WW1 with a little help –
The Black Country Living Museum Actors
Salvation Army
Willenhall Heritage Trust with their tombola for The British Legion
Willenhall History Society with their fantastic display
and of course we was their with our raffle for Help for Heroes!!

A great effort all round despite the weather 🙂

Few clips too –

Clip 1 – YOUTUBE

Clip 2 – YOUTUBE

Willenhall Flag Unveiled………… Finally!

The Launch of Willenhall Flag
Willenhall Carnival
14th June 2014

Willenhall now has its own flag, its own identity, and a town that will literally fly the flag!!

"... Willenhall, may you forever fly my flag"

“… Willenhall, may you forever fly my flag”

The winning design came from Adam Leonard, who said, “Hi, my name is Adam and I am from Ashmore Park. I currently work at Middleton Foods as Quality Control. I feel very proud to have my design as Willenhall’s new flag. Putting Willenhall back on the map with a flag to represent is a huge achievement; and I hope it’ll bring the community together.”

Adam was one of over 70 designs and shortlisted to 6 designs by a panel of judges which then went to the public vote.
The Flag was unveiled at this year Willenhall Carnival & launched by Glyn Marston and had this to say,
“I am so overwhelmed with pride to have been asked to launch the flag for Willenhall. The flag is a symbol of the community of Willenhall coming together and making things happen for the town. Today was a momentous occasion for Willenhall and I am really honoured to be part of the event. Willenhall folk are great folk and we deserve a flag to showcase our pride.”

Adam also received £100 prize money, kindly donated by The Royal George Pub Willenhall.

Kalie Plant of Willenhall Aye.co.uk, organisers of the competition said “I truly hope that this is the starting point of putting Willenhall back on the map! Willenhall is a great town and all it needs is some TLC and support from local folk. It’s been a tough few months but Willenhall will be flying that flag high!

I would like to thank everyone who took time out to make this happen, from the schools that entered to the entries from overseas. Huge thanks to our Flag Sponsors, Poundland and of course the judges – who had the hard task of making that shortlist and lastly the public who came out and made their vote count. Special thanks to The Royal George Pub who has donated a prize of £100 to the winning design and everybody else who has been involved in the project and especially all the Willenhall Folk. Thank you to Willenhall Carnival for allowing the launch to take place – right in the heart of our annual community event. Well Done everyone”

Philip Tibbetts, Communities Vexillologist, Flag Institute Advisor, Parliamentary Flags & Heraldry Committee said,
“The Willenhall flag competition brought to the fore the best of the towns pride and creativity for the whole country to see. This made the competition particularly strong and guaranteed that the town would have a particularly attractive flag, which has been proved with the unveiling of this design – which I can confirm has been added to the UK Flag Registry. As a Black Countryman myself I know that ours has always been a proud area, further defined by the sense of identity that each community has had in itself. As such it is will be only fitting for the Willenhall and Black Country flags to fly together in future, side by side.”

Willenhall Flags will be available and we look forward to seeing them ‘Fly for Willenhall’

Walsall College to invest £300,000 in new engineering workshop

Installation work will be completed by around 25 carpentry and decorating students as part of their work experience programme.

Walsall College has announced a £300,000 investment in a new engineering manufacturing workshop.

The college is investing in the new facility to address a regional skills shortage and ‘reinvigorate’ engineering in the Black Country.

Full story Birmingham Post

Down memory lane: Hidden meaning of what’s in a name

If we are nameless then who are we? Without our names we have no individuality, no distinct identity.
At best we become an indistinguishable part of a huge and monolithic gathering such as the Anglo Saxons or Victorians, the peasantry or the working class; at worst we are lost from history and become as nothing.

The desire to be known and remembered for who we are as separate entities with a unique character is a powerful human emotion. That is why our ancestors, no matter how poor, strove to avoid the indignity of a pauper’s funeral after their death.

Full Express & Start story here

Then there were those places which may once have been called after a feature in the landscape but which were renamed after a man who was given overlordship of a manor.

Darlaston and Tipton fall into this latter category. The ‘tun’ element means a manor and experts have placed its common use to the period between 750 and 950. Thus Darlaston signifies the manor of Deorlaf. The second earliest recording of it in 1262 spelled it as Derlaveston, although by 1316 its modern form had emerged when it was given as Derlaston. As for Tipton, it was first noted in the Domesday Book of 1086 and was put down as Tibintone, meaning the estate of Tibba.

Willenhall is mentioned much earlier and it is one of the earliest Black Country place names cited in a document. In 732 it was given as Willenhalch and as such was the ‘halh, small valley, of Willa. Sedgley and Dudley are two other places that remember a person. Both signify a ‘leah’ or ley, a clearing – the one of someone called of Secg and the other of a fellow named Dudda.

Finalists drawn for #flyingtheflagforwillenhall Flag Competition

Many thanks to the judges who took part in shortlisting the designs to 6, ready for the people of Willenhall to decide what they would like has their flag!

The judges consisted of Pav Rivat-Ward – Poundland (Flag Sponsors), Phil Hobley – WH Tildesley, Ruth Vyse – Walsall Local History, Ralph Jackson – Willenhall History Society, Councillor Ian Shires, Simon Hall – Willenhall Town Football Club, Flag Institute- Philip Tibberts, Les Burrows (of WTFC),

The venue for this part of the competition was been kindly sponosored by 442 Bar & Lounge for supplying the venue plus food for the night.

The winning design of this vote will then be registered as the Willenhall flag and the flag will unveiled at the this years Willenhall Carnival on the 14th June by a local Willenhall celeb!

We have made it easy for you to cast your vote in person at the following venues, where we will be present with our stall – Look out for us 🙂

Public Vote – 12th April Pool Hayes Community Association – Easter Market
Public Vote – 14th April Willenhall Chart Centre Garden!
Public Vote – 19th April The Locksmiths House
Public Vote – 26th April Willenhall Heritage Day – CHART Centre

There will also be online voting via our website, facebook group from 7th April !

Happy 1st Birthday to US :-)

We have successfully completed our first year March 6th! Hip Hip Hooray!

With the excitment of #flyingtheflagforwillenhall, we nearly missed it!

We hope that we have helped and promoted our hometown, Willenhall in a positive way which has been our aim from day one. Along the way we have had great support from our members who have been loyal as always with an added bonus of raising funds for our chosen charity, CANCER RESEARCH.

We have promoted various local events as well has taking part in these events. We have raised profiles of business’, and community organisations in the process.

We hope to increase our presence in the future and plan to build on what we are all about – Promoting our Hometown!!

This year has seen us promote and organise ‘Design a Flag for Willenhall’ Competition, which will firmly put Willenhall on the map! We will fly that flag high!

A very big thank you to every person and business in Willenhall for their support!

Happy 1st Birthday :-)

“The important thing is not being afraid to take a chance. Remember, the greatest failure is to not try. Once you find something you love to do, be the best at doing it.” – Debbi Fields

We love Willenhall <3

Stuart Williams’ new book ‘Walsall Borough Past & Present’ available NOW

It was a pleasure to meet with Stuart Williams today, who launched his new book today – Walsall Borough Past & Present. Price is only £7.50 and is available directly from the local centre or delivered.

Stuart Book 2

A section on Willenhall

A section on Willenhall

Full details here

Walsall Local History Centre Facebook


It was my first visit to the centre and I can not wait to return!

For those seeking Ancestry information or just information in general – This is the place to be!

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Free introductory sessions on the Ancestry family history database and our family history resources
An hour’s free session with an experienced family history researcher who will help if you are starting out on family history or have hit a brick wall
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