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Keep Willenhall Free Petition adding up! – Say NO to Parking Charges

After several days of collecting signatures in person and online we have now reached our first target of 1000, in fact 1066!!



We have left several petitions around the shops of Willenhall, so if you have not signed the petition, please do so in person or you can click on the link below to do on-line ( the quick and easiest way )

Click to sign Online Petition

Keep up-to-date with our facebook action group (W.A.G) Action Group, of where we will be in person and all the news so far!!

Our aim is to get as many signatures as possible before presenting it to Walsall Council. You can read and see ou protests inthe local newspapers who are following all Councils cut backs and stories of protests like ourselves.

We need everyone supports and to stand up to all cuts!!

If you would like a a copy of the petition for your workplace, community centre, or your area, please contact us on, where we will be only to happy to drop of some copies for you.

Sign Petition NOW – Keep Willenhall Free of Parking Charges

Recent proposals by Walsall Council include Car Park Charges in and around Willenhall.

Our hometown is/has suffered enough without putting further pressure on shops and market traders not to mention those living in accomodation around the town with no parking facilities for their visitors.

Our aim is to encourage folk into the town not turn them away or give them another reason not to visit!!

Please click on the link and sign this petition and lets nip this in the bud now!!

Sign and Share please



Join WillenhallayweActionGroup (WAG)

Proposed car park charges for Willenhall

We have learnt today of proposals for carpark charges for the carparks in & around Willenhall.

Is this another nail in the coffin for Willenhall?

We at uk are trying to promote our hometown Willenhall, encourage folk to use the town and support the local shops and it seems with this proposal IF it goes ahead is going to do the opposite.

It will push folk right on the doorstep of Morrisons even more with their 2 hour free parking.

Not sure how this will affect the Market Traders whether they use the all day parking at Hall Street like we do when we are supporting town events, as the other car parks are 4 hours max but it will definately make life harder to park and pay when we are trying to Fly the Flag for Willenhall.

We think its time for Willenhall Folk to stand up to proposals and changes like this if its not going to benefit the town itself!!

We as a group had plans for being more active next year to help promote our town and play a more important role where and when possible but with news of this today, I think it calls for action sooner rather than later!

Please join us in the fight to keep Willenhall #AliveandKicking

Click here Willenhallaywe Action Group

Willenhall Flag to fly outside Willenhall Library

Flying the Flag permanently outside Willenhall Library

Flying the Flag permanently outside Willenhall Library

THE flag of Willenhall will soon be flying high outside one of the town’s landmark buildings.

Voluntary group Willenhall Aye had launched a competition earlier this year to design a flag for the town.

The winning entry was produced by Alan Leonard – and the flag will now fly permanently outside Willenhall Library, in Walsall Street, within the next few weeks.

“The pole will be erected within a week and the flag will be re-launched in November,” said Kalie Plant, of Willenhall Ay

“Can we also use this opportunity to thank the folks of Willenhall for flying the flag all over town. As a community, we truly have put Willenhall back on the map.”

Work was taking place this week to install footings for the flag pole. A permanent plaque will also be fitted to a pillar of the 80-year-old listed building, which recently underwent a revamp.

It will remind generations to come of the official launch, designer of the flag and who launched the official item.

The flag was launched by Glyn Marston on June 14 at Willenhall Carnival.

The plaque has been donated by Brett Quinton Funerals and made by Lasting Memorials, based in Willenhall.

Brett said: “After seeing all the hard work that was going into the flag competition I only thought it was right to set the winning design into stone for the community of Willenhall.”

The community have thrown their support behind the town flag, with the item flying outside homes, pubs and even supermarket giant Morrisons.

“We would very much like to thank and acknowledge Councillor Adrian Andrews and Councillor Ian Shires with the help of Douglas Hansen-Luke, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Walsall North for fully backing and supporting us with this venture and making it happen for Willenhall,” added Kalie.

Read full story here via Walsall Advertiser

Flying the Flag for Willenhall – We got a flagpole!

Finally, after todays meeting we can now confirm that Willenhall will be flying its flag high with a permanent flag pole which will be situated outside Willenhall Library.

Flag Pole to be erected within a week, with the launch of the flag to coincide with our final event to promote Willenhall and its flag!!

Further information to follow soon!!

Developing drivers for the future

Willenhall-based Blakemore Logistics has opened the door to a career in LGV driving for several young people by hosting a driver apprenticeship scheme.

Willenhall-based Blakemore Logistics has opened the door to a career in LGV driving for several young people by hosting a driver apprenticeship scheme.

Working in partnership with the Logistics Apprenticeship Training Academy (LATA), Blakemore Logistics has provided a series of work placements that have helped apprentices to gain the qualifications and experience required for a career in professional LGV driving.

In August the company celebrated its first apprenticeship success when one of the candidates on its programme, 22-year-old Ben Hilton, gained full-time employment at AF Blakemore & Son Ltd after qualifying as an LGV Class 2 driver.

Blakemore Logistics’ transport manager, Dave Higgs, said: “The driver apprenticeship scheme provides trainees with the opportunity to earn while they learn as well as acquire vital experience in the logistics sector, hands-on training and nationally recognised qualifications. Meanwhile the company is developing potential future employees who have been provided with training tailored to suit the individual needs of the business.”

Full Express and Star story here

Willenhall Police station to shut as West Midlands force cuts costs

A police station is to shut and six sites are to be sold off or handed back to landlords under plans to save West Midlands Police hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Willenhall Police Station has been earmarked for closure by the force while others currently left vacant are to be sold off to raise £500,000 and cut £170,000 a year in running costs.

Under the plans most operations at Willenhall’s John Street station will be transferred to Darlaston. A ‘neighbourhood policing team’ will be retained at a new drop-in facility in Willenhall.

Critics opposed to the strategy claim it would be a backward step for policing in the borough.

Willenhall North’s councillor Ian Shires said: “I oppose these plans. People in some parts of the town are already feeling remote from the police because of ongoing issues with anti-social behaviour now they’re talking about closing the station. If that happens it will be a retrograde step.

“It might look good on paper for the force, but our experience in the Short Heath and New Invention areas is that we have just built up a good relationship with the new neighbourhood sergeant who has made a massive difference to tackling some of the issues. We are concerned that all this good work will be undone.”

Full Story here Express and Star

Under plans,Willenhall Police Station will close and services will be reprovided. The station, in John Street, has an open front office.

In an estates update report to the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner, it is noted that the Willenhall and Darlaston neighbourhood policing teams will parade from Darlaston Police Station.

Police are in conversation with Walsall Housing Group (whg) to provide a small drop-in facility in Beechdale House, in New Road, which is close to the town centre.

Read full Walsall Advertiser story here

Revised Willenhall Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan

Conservation Area Appraisals and Management Plans

Revised Willenhall Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan

The Willenhall Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan was originally adopted by the council in November 2007. The Government advise that such documents should be reviewed around every 5 years. The council, as such, is embarking on a review of all conservation area appraisals, starting with Willenhall. Willenhall is undergoing significant investment through the Willenhall Townscape Heritage Initiative (THI) which has resulted in a number of conservation projects taking place throughout the conservation area.

The revised document will be consulted on for 6 weeks between 21 August and 2 October 2014, and will be discussed at the Willenhall Town Centre Partnership meeting on Tuesday 16 September 2014.

Full details here