Willenhall Flag Flying High

With both the website and our facebook Group/Page we are trying to provide a one stop shop for all Willenhall groups, services, community organizations and businesses.  We work on a voluntary basis and all the work that we do is to promote the town and help it flourish.

We have noticed a growing trend in people wanting to share information about Willenhall via the internet, mainly the chosen media is Facebook, what we want to do is expand upon that and provide a central hub (one stop shop) where all this information can be collated and put in one place for easier access that does not get lost in group and page feeds.  Also remember that not everyone uses Facebook

Our main focus will be on community, service providers, events and a business directory; we feel that for new organizations and businesses this will be invaluable as often advertising funds are limited.  Also established organizations and businesses can benefit as well by being able to advertise, promote and share information in one place.  We have invested a lot of time and effort into creating both the website and forum and this will be a ongoing long term project.  We are also  hoping to work closely with many local organizations to move the project forward and make as much information available as possible.

Willenhall history is another area that we have a keen interest in and this will also be an integral part of both the website and the facebook group, we would like to carry out visits to shops & industry and take photographs and research the history behind them as well as providing free advertising.  Willenhall people have a keen interest in the history of their town and being part of this can be a key factor in increasing trade and making people aware of what is available.  For future generations this research will provide valuable information about what Willenhall was like in the past.

Above all, we hope to work with those that have Willenhall at ‘heart’ 🙂

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